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Pizzotti was released a few days ago for a Canadian football league quarterback Graham Harrel.

Graham Harrel has a freaking cannon. In two consecutive years he threw for over 5,000 passing yards at Texas Tech, an NCAA record. He also tied Colt Brennan's record of 147 college career touchdowns and broke the passing touchdown record of 131 with 134 touchdowns. Not to mention he is ranked number two in the all time NCAA record books for total passing yards in a college career.

I don't know why he went undrafted in 2009 but, he did. He participated at the Browns' rookie camp but did not sign. A Canadian Football League picked up Harrel on a 2 year contract.

Harrel obviously wanted a change of pace and to get out of Canada when earlier this year he accepted a coaching job at Oklahoma State University. Coaching is in his blood with a father that is the highest paid high school coach in Texas. Everyone knows how big high school football is in Texas, so its a big deal.

Now the Packers have signed Graham Harrel. I am under the impression that Harrel is planning to both coach at Oklahoma State while participating on the practice squad at Green Bay. This could be extremely strenuous for the young coach, however it could also be extremely beneficial. As he learns more and more about the game from his father and he himself being football coaches, he will also be improving his mechanics and ability to perform.

Harrel could be worth a lot down the road. I would love to see some stiff competition between him and Flynn. Competition will only invoke greatness out of the both of them. Aaron Rodgers will be the Packers quarterback for a very long time. Flynn and Harrel are there for if he goes down or for after we win the superbowl this year, we can trade them off for higher draft picks.
12/1/2010 03:04:37 pm

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