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The entire Packer community already knows about their two 1000+ yard receivers in Greg Jennings and Donald Driver, their 1000+ yard rusher in Ryan Grant, and the 3000+ yards of cannon power delivered by the next legend of Lambeau, Aaron Rodgers. Despite the o-line issues from last year, which I am confident have been solved, the Packers are one well rounded team, especially when we talk about the receivers.

Of course, the name on the tips of everyone’s tongue is Jermichael Finely. In the beginning of the 2009 season it was still not clear weather Finely or Lee would win the starting tight end position.

Finely got the chance and prove him self only to be injured and forced to sit for three games. He came back, and by the end of the season, he was the biggest threat on the field in a wild card shoot out in Arizona. With nearly 700 yards and 5 touchdowns, it is not a stretch to think that in 2010 the Packers could have a third thousand yard player on the field with tight end Jermichael Finely.

Now, don’t get me wrong with all this Finely hype, I know the weapons the Pack have at tight end are still there with Spencer Havner and Donald Lee. Havner has been having a few off the field issues, but if he keeps his act clean he will likely take the second tight end position from Donald Lee. I think hands down, this is the deepest group of tight ends in the league.

Now lets look at the wide receivers, other than Driver and Jennings. I mean, we all know how amazing these guys are and I don’t care what anyone says, Driver still has it all. He is aging, but with a one handed grab using his helmet against Tampa Bay last year, and again the thousand yards receiving as his proof, he will be here for a while.

Jordy Nelson and James Jones are the two guys looking to fill Drivers shoes once he decides to hang up his pads. For now, I am sure the two of them are perfectly fine playing behind the legendary Packer.

James Jones came on as a starter in 2007 for the Packers, and has been extremely consistent with the packers ever since his first NFL touchdown against the Vikings from the arm of Brett Favre in his last season in Green Bay.

Jordy Nelson was picked up during the 2008 draft with a trade to the Jets, the same time Jermichael Finely was added to the group. His first year he posted 366 yards and 2 touchdowns, and performed roughly the same in 2009.

Nelson is consistent and under the radar so, if the packers stack the field, Nelson may be left wide open in comparison to Driver, Jones, and Jennings.

James Jones had 440 receiving yards with 5 touchdowns last year. Jordy Nelson picked up 322 with only 2 touchdowns. Keep in mind, he averaged 14.5 yards a play. Basically if the packers need a first down, get it to Nelson.

That is seven combined touchdowns from the three and four receivers, seven to Finely, a couple to Havner and Lee, six touchdowns to Driver, and four to Jennings, not to mention two more passing touchdowns to John Kuhn. Every single eligible receiver will catch the ball and every eligible receiver will score.

With a newly beefed up offensive line that should give Aaron Rodgers more time to use any weapon he chooses, including his feet or the feet of Ryan Grant, who is in his prime, the possibilities are endless for this offense.

With Driver, Jennings, Finely, Lee, and Jones all on the field at one time, what is a defense supposed to do? This is my argument for why the Packers will have the most potent receiving corps in the 2010 NFL season and due to the fact that the ball is spread almost equally throughout their many weapons, the Packers will have one of the most productive and unpredictable offenses in the NFL.

By Brandon Long
Featured on Bleacher Report

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